How To Toast Sesame Seeds 

Sesame seeds are popular in the Middle East and Asia since they are used in cuisines. They are divided into two categories which are the white sesame seed and the black sesame seeds. These seeds are used in a variety of ways while cooking. For instance, black seeds are used for soups, desserts, and fillings while the white seeds are used to make the white sesame paste, in deep-fried foods, garnish finished foods as well as coating deserts.

Most of the times, people always pose the question “what brings the natural flavor of toast sesame seeds?”. The answer is that these seeds are characterized with a nuttiness that is used to add a layer of flavor on other foods such as noodle dishes and stir-fries. There are two methods of toasting the seeds. One can toast them on the stovetop while other can toast them in the oven. Surprisingly, both do not need any oil and are very simple to carry out.

Toasting sesame seeds using a stovetop

If your seeds are not dusty, you can place them directly on the stovetop using a frying pan of a skillet. Subsequently, you are required to heat them over medium-low heat while you stir them randomly for three minutes until the seeds glisten turning brown and pop. When carrying out this process, you are not required to add any oil to the frying pan. For you to get a nuttier flavor, you should employ a thorough longer toasting process.

Also, you can alternatively toast the seeds. You can preheat the seeds up to 175 degrees Celsius while spreading the seeds on the greaseless baking sheet. In this process, you should bake the seeds until lightly turn brown. You are required to shake the pan gently after a short while and spread the seeds evenly. This process is required to take to take between eight to fifteen minutes. This depends on the thickness of the seed layer. This method requires one to use a baking paper which has some of its sides deep to avoid spilling. If there is high heat, the seeds can burn easily. Therefore, it is important to stay in the kitchen and check the seeds frequently.

Cooling the toasted sesame seeds

After the seeds are toasted, cooling is the next process that is required. The seeds can be transferred to a baking sheet. It is also prudent that you try placing them on metal surfaces than plastic surfaces so that they can cool faster.

Thorough Toasting of the Seeds 

The first step of this process is to choose hulled and unhulled raw seed. Unhulled seeds are dull and have a hard coat which can either be off-white or black. Conversely, hulled seeds are removed and are mainly white, shiny and translucent. Although the seeds can be toasted, the unhulled seeds are crispier with a unique taste.

On the other hand, the unhulled seeds are characterized by calcium, but it may be hard for the body to digest. Therefore, unless you grind them, their nutritional value cannot be compared to hulled seeds. So that you can remove the hulls from unhulled seeds, you can soak them in water overnight and remove the hulls in the morning. The hulls are removed using hands making it a labor-intensive process that is rarely carried out at home. Therefore, it is better to purchase either variety to make your work easier.

After the seeds are clean and unhulled, you can wash them. This is done by rinsing the seeds with running water in a mesh strainer. This is done until the seeds are crystal clear. If the seeds are directly from the farm, it is important that you place them in a bowl and stir them for several minutes. After stirring them, you can let them settle. After a short while, discard the dirt which rises on the top as well as some pebbles which may have settled at the bottom of the bowl. When you rinse the seeds in water, their nutrition will not be negatively affected. Other people prefer soaking the seeds over the night so that they can germinate. As a result, digestion is eased. Surprisingly, the germinated seeds are eaten raw instead of toasting them.

If you do not prefer eating the seeds, you can toast them to get freshly toasted seeds. However, how do you toast sesame seeds? You can transfer the seeds to a frying pan using a wooden spoon. Alternatively, a dry skillet can be used instead of a pan. In this step, you should be so careful when the heat is high since they burn quickly. This process should only take ten minutes. Once the seeds are dry, the sound produced when stirring them will be different since no moisture will have been left behind. It is recommended that you place the seeds in the microwave since one can easily control the heat.

When the seeds are dry, you can now reduce the heat to minimum and stir for seven to eight minutes. You will know the toasted seeds are ready when they turn light brown in color and shine. Some will even start popping out of the pan. Subsequently, you can pick the seeds using a spoon and pinch them using your fingers. At this stage, you can crush the seeds since they have a nuttier taste compared to raw seeds. Alternatively, you can allow them to cool to store. Cooling this seed can be done by spreading them on a baking sheet preferably metal so that they can cool at room temperature. If you don’t intend to use the seeds immediately, you can store them in an airtight container and place them in a freezer or refrigerator. When preserved this way, these seeds can last for a year. After following the above steps, your will have known how to toast sesame seeds. Below is a description of how these seeds are used to benefit humans.

Sesame Seeds Benefits

These seeds are sprinkled on finished dishes. They are used as a staple when it comes to cooking in cuisine. They can either be sprinkled on salad, dessert and vegetable dishes. Also, the seeds can be ground using a mortar and a pestle or a food processor. After crushing the seeds, you can season them by mixing them with black pepper or salt. Toasting the seeds can aid in making tahini. The only ingredient you need to make tahini is vegetable oil.

Although olive oil is the traditionally recognized I gradient, you can use canola or sesame oil. Simply, take a food processor and blend a spoonful repeatedly until the seeds become smooth. The seeds also add a distinct flavor to gluten-free meals. Globally,these seeds are mixed with honey and butter to produce candy. Finally, the seeds can be cooked in other recipes. For instance, a pinch of the seeds can be added to falafel patty mixing them with the dressing salad. This way, the dish will be one of a kind.These seeds have more benefits which have not been mentioned above and has proven helpful to the human lifestyle.


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