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Benefits of Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts are edible seeds from the South American tree called the Brazil nut tree, you can eat them raw or blanched. Brazil food facts show that these nuts are rapidly becoming one of the popular foods for improving health as well as longevity. Not many foods have such powerful benefits, improve your sexual performance, boost your metabolism as well as protect you against cancer, but Brazil nuts can. The Brazil Nuts content of vitamins, antioxidants, mineral salts, oils and other compounds contribute to the health benefits provided.

What are the Benefits of Brazil Nuts?

There’s a huge demand for the delicious, earthy-flavored brown nuts in the market because of their powerful health benefits. Here are some of the health benefits of Brazil nuts:

Brazil Nuts Are Selenium Source

Acccording to brazil nuts nutrition data they’re number 1 source of selenium, because 1 ounce (around 6 kernels) contains 774 percent DV. Selenium is an important trace mineral; it’s extremely vital for your body because it has strong antioxidant power, it fights free radicals, plus soothes inflammation, hence boosting your overall health. Studies reveal that approximately 1 billion people all over the world suffer from selenium deficiency, and since Brazil nuts are selenium source, it makes them an essential dietary choice. Also, selenium helps reduce the levels of toxic mercury and thus, cancer incidence in your body.

Brazil Nuts and Thyroid Health

They contain an active enzyme known as triiodothyronine, which helps in the of the active thyroid hormone. Selenium is needed to help your thyroid function accordingly to the needs of the whole body. Eating Brazil nuts improves the thyroid hormone levels.

High Protein Nuts

Brazil nuts are regarded as a good source of proteins, which makes them a good option for the diet of vegans or vegetarians. The protein in Brazil nuts is composed by the 100% of the vital amino acids that are used by the body for muscle as well as tissue repair. Methionine, an essential amino acid known for protecting us from chronic diseases is contained by as well.

However you cannot consider the Brazil Nuts as a main source of protein: consuming more than 2 brazilian nuts a day could lead to bad consequences for your health, make sure you check out our guide on how many brazilian nuts to consume.

Functioning of Your Muscles

They are a nutrient-dense food. Brazil nuts have magnesium, which is a mineral for your muscle functioning. It prevents lactic acid build up in your muscles, preventing muscular pain and soreness. Popular for its catalytic value, Magnesium plays an important role in breaking down the protein into the required amino acids. Typically, it helps in the protein digestion and absorption in your body.

Brazil Nuts and Cholesterol

According to recent research one of the most important benefits of Brazil nuts are for Cholesterol elimination. The study shows it happens because of their high unsaturated fat and low saturated fat profile, so Brazil nuts, have proven to contribute to the reduction of total cholesterol as well as “bad cholesterol” (LDL). Just consuming 6 of the sweet Brazil nuts can contribute to improve the lipid profiles in a healthy adult. However beware, it’s not recommended to consume 6 nuts all together in one day, it might be dangerous for your health or mean toxicity, but no worries with the right understanding you can still benefit from this powerful nut, learn more about recommended brazil nuts serving size, when, how  and why.

The Role of Brazilian Nuts in Weight Loss

Another important benefit: help in weight management. Brazil Nuts contain high amounts of fibre and protein that have a role in human body hunger sensing, thus could play a role in reducing weight. When you eat a small serving of the Brazil nuts, it keeps your stomach full for a long period, which reduces the probability you will feel the need to eat for a while .

There is also potassium, copper, manganese, zinc, phosphorus, iron and calcium in Brazil nuts, which are all important in keeping your body.

Source of Important Vitamins

Even if you cannot consume big amounts of these nuts every day it’s worth mentioning that Brazil nuts are a good source of a variety of vitamins: E vitamin, powerful antioxidant; group B vitamins, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, folate and B6 vitamin, contributing to the metabolism.

Brazil Nut Milk

You can use Brazil nuts to make a delicious and creamy alternative to cow’s milk. It is very easy to make nut milk, with just several ingredients plus a cheesecloth or sprouting bag/nut milk bag. The recipe is delicious in overnight oats, porridge and other cereals. You can make your nut milk or buy in the stores.

The Danger of Eating Excess Brazil Nuts

An overdose of Brazil nuts is not a myth, because of selenium which high quantity it’s toxic for the body.The symptoms can include the following:

  • Coughing
  • Hair loss
  • Brittle nails
  • Nausea
  • Metallic taste in your mouth
  • Diarrhoea, and more

That can happen if you decide to eat Brazil nuts in excess in a single sitting or overeat repeatedly the daily recommended amount of 2 nuts per day, which depends on your selenium needs.

Brazil nuts are fairly high in polyunsaturated fats, which can cause the nuts to deteriorate quickly. You should not eat any rancid Brazil nut. Buy the nuts in small batches or store them in your refrigerator could help to protect the nuts integrity and prevent the spoilage.We strongly recommend you to learn more about how many brazil nuts when and why, since the quantities may differ according to your health status and there can be health consequences when not acting properly.

Organic Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts are available in organic; you can find the crisp as well as creamy with a mild flavour that is delicious. You can buy high-quality un-roasted Brazil nuts without added salt, preservatives or additives.


Are Brazil nuts good for you? The answer is yes, if you eat them in moderate amounts, they are beneficial. You shouldn’t miss out on them and enjoy their benefits. Include the recommended nuts in your daily diet to enjoy the advantages that come with this nut.

How does a Brazil Nut Tree look?

So you want to know more about? Brazil nut tree are amazing, just take a look:


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